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Annapolis High School 40th Reunion

Greetings from Fellow Classmates


I won't be able to attend the reunion as I will be in Salt Lake City at a convention, trying to get my business restarted. But, it sure sounds/looks like the class reunion is going to be fun. Hope ya'll have a great time......Sorry I won't be there. Peggy Causey Gianesin

Sorry I will not be able to make it to the reunion. I have a bidder conference for state services during the early part of August and will be a little involved in the contract phases of the bid. Hope it goes well and give my regards to all who make it. Thanks for the note and hope we can make it another time. Fred Behlke

I am a small business owner along with my wife Cathy (33 years). Our business is located in Denton, MD. We have two children Matt (29) who is a Lt. in the US Coast Guard, and a daughter Leah (26) who is employed by us part time and has a day care in her home. Earnest R.J. Carter

I am married to John. I have two sons, the oldest lives in Tennessee and the youngest lives in MD.I have three grandsons, ages 23, 20 & 2 years of age. The oldest is in college and is married, the middle one is in the Air Force, stationed at Lakenheath in England. The youngest, well, he hasn't decided anything about life just yet! I also have 6 month old great-grandson. I retired from Nationwide Insurance in Annapolis after 35 years of service and am now working for a Nationwide agent in FL, however, I am not planning on working another 35 years!! I love to work on crafts, I make my own cards, sew and garden. I am so sorry that I will not be able to mingle with all my school friends. I hope everyone has a wonderful time and I'll look forward to the next reunion. Katy Miller West

I am a 2000 Graduate, Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland University College Dolley Bull Dorothy Marie Myers

I will not be able to attend our 40th reunion after all. My daughter was accepted to a college in Nashville and I will be driving her up there on the 23rd of August. I can't afford to go to both the reunion and a trip to Nashville. I will miss not being there. Take care, God Bless you and have a great time at the Reunion. Donna Ravey VanHeusden

Hi! Glad you found me. I did do a lot of moving for a number of years, but Tom and I have been happily settled in Sausalito for over 10. Love the proximity to San Francisco, combined with all the hiking and sea kayaking of the region. Wish I could attend the reunion, but I'm already scheduled to be in Annapolis in August to visit family and two back-to-back cross country flights are more than I can face. Next time, with more notice I will be there. I have two grown sons, both married, one 3 year old grandson. Mike lives nearby and works as an engineer in Silicon Valley. Matt is an editor and writer, who lives on the Outer Banks. My career has been I marketing and advertising. I have an agency that specializes in food products thus our name, Vittles. Pat Shea

We are so sorry not to be able to attend, but we'll be in Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire, on our Harleys, visiting our families. Our younger son Aaron, just got sworn in to the New Hampshire Bar Association (Like father, like son!).Our older son Chuck, is married with a 6-year old, Liev, who is the love of our lives and lives in New Hampshire. Hope you have a great time and I'll miss you all! Ann Schlossman Manck

Married to Bill Schmidt (AHS Class of '60) for 36 years. 2 sons, both married, 4 grandchildren, ages 9 to 1 week, 2 girls, 2 boys. I'm working for a forensic investigation company in Annapolis. My husband is a salesman for a plastics firm in Glen Burnie. Velma Harrell Schmidt

I'm the owner and CEO of Rising Sun Farms. Can't attend the reunion, as I will be out of the country at that time. Elizabeth Stevenson Fujas

The Barnhills are loving life and living and living in Baltimore and Telluride, Colorado. Our son Chris graduated from Syracuse last May. He's working in Boston and visits occasionally. So sorry to miss the reunion, but I can't change some old plans. Hello to everyone and I hope you'll send out updates! Janet Watson Barnhill

While you will be meeting and greeting each other, I will be visiting my beau of two years, Zoltan Szigethy, a Peace Corps Country Director, in Baku, Azerbaijan. For the past five plus years I have held the position of Undergraduate Administrator for the Chemistry Department at Princeton University. I've worked for the University for over twelve year. I have one daughter Whitney, age twenty-eight. She earned her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in December 2005. She started her first job last week as a chemist for a firm in the Madison area. My son, Jonathan, age twenty-six, is an advertising account executive with a small firm in New York City. Weekends are spent working ou, reading and walking Woodrow Wilson, my big collie/shepherd mix pooch. Kirsten Arentzen

We live in Ridgecrest, Ca. where my husband Barry works on the base of China Lake and I work as an assistant teacher at the Montessori preschool. I play at golf and try to do my best at bridge but spend most of my time playing with the grandchildren. Please contact me if you want. Wish I was there, maybe next time. Babs Balzer O'Neal

Strange that many of us still have ties to the area. My Mom passed away two years ago but prior to that I'd visit her every year. I also have a sister that still lives in southern MD, Prince Frederick. I was visiting her in April of this year so I still get out there occasionally. Once my husband got out of the Navy we settled in Indiana (where he was from) and have been here ever since- 39 years. 2 kids, 3 grandkids, things couldn't be better. I'm sorry we won't be able to attend the reunion this year but we had made prior commitments. Hope you have a good time at the reunion (now if you're like me you'll run to the yearbook, look up my picture and then say "oh yeah, I remember her!") Lorna Wholey Hodgdon

Well, to anyone who remembers me (since I only attended AHS for my senior year), I am currently single. I am living in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida area since 1980. I have two sons, Tim and Joey. Tim has two sons, my grandsons, Charlie and Timmy. I have been working for the Broward County School Board for the past 25 years. I am looking forward to retiring in the next 4-5 years. I enjoy living in Florida, except for the hurricanes. However, I don't think I will stay here when I retire. South Florida is very congested and has become very expensive. I would like to either move to the central or northern part of the state or move back to Annapolis, where my mother still lives. I have always loved Annapolis. I still tell people that I live in Florida but my home is Annapolis. I am still a Redskins fan. I enjoy following them, and I'm looking forward to them having a great year this year. I hope everyone that attends the Reunion has a great time. 40 years has really gone by very quickly. There are many of you that I do remember. I hope you are all doing well. Again, enjoy the Reunion. Fondly, Elonie Gough Snow

I wish everyone the best. I hope to be back east later this year. Lee Ann Hantske Bonn

I won't be able to attend the reunion after all. I have company coming from out of town. I hope everyone has a marvelous time. Please keep me in mind for the next one! Palma Scott Jones

I'm in my 23rd year at the Johns Hopkins Press, working as a manuscript editor. I spend a lot of my non work time at St. John's Episcopal Church in a transitional neighborhood near where I live. I am still in touch with several friends from AHS, and I'm grateful for that depth. Anne Whitmore

I am a psychiatric nurse. My husband is a retired New Hampshire State Trooper. No kids, 3 dogs, 4 cats, 3 horses and a farm in rural northeast New Hampshire. Have a good gathering! Marsha Wormwood Socha

Sorry I can't be there. Would love to hear from anyone who cares to drop a note, or any info from the event. Paul Trent

I recently retired (October 2005) after 36 years of service in the Federal government. Although I retired from NSA, 15 of those years were spent working with the Dept. of State. I had a diversified working experience in such places as Indonesia, Thailand, Nicaragua, Mexico City, and Costa Rica. Now I am getting reacquainted with family and friends while contemplating the next chapter. Denise Tubaya

I attended the 20th AHS reunion. Since then, I ran a 50 room motel for 9 years in Indiana. Remarried and moved to North Carolina to be closer to family. Happily married for 9 years now. Work for a large food service company. Patti Rippert Hoage

I'm still director of a preschool enrichment program since 1992. I also teach art, paint and design & paint murals. I'm director of Miss Maddie's Summer Art Camp. Madeline Rubin Knoll

I'm with the St. Lucie, Florida Sheriff's Office. Doing fishing and crabbing. Enjoying life after heart surgery. Harvey Finnegan

Retired from Naval Criminal Investigative Service January 2004. Currently work part time golf, bike & Grandma to Mason, 3. Barbara Glass Sullivan

Still teaching after all these years. Joy Carol League

Anne Arundel County Public Schools (37 years) as Teacher & Administrator. Currently A.P. at Broadneck Elementary School Ed Lee Johnson

I am widowed and live on a nine acre farm in Virginia. I have three children (Christie, William and Mary [not named after the college]). Christie is married to Ralph Tuznik and lives in Annapolis. She has four children (Juli and Micky are in high school and the twins Henry & Lucy are three years old). Christie is a professional pet sitter (Christie Critters) and house cleaner. William has a business buying and selling horses. Mary is going into her second year at University of Virginia School of Architecture. I recently won first place at the Madison County Fair for my applesauce cake. I am the Family Community Partnership Manager for Skyline CAP Head Start. I am dating Doug Schenker Fay Myers Butcher

I am currently employed at 1st Mariner Bank, as Administrative Specialist for the Systems Department. I am divorced, have three grown sons, and three wonderful grandchildren Christopher (Chris) age 10 and Gabrielle (Gabi) age 9 who live in Edgewater and Nathaniel age 8 who lives in Richmond, VA. My interests extend to reading, knitting and surfing the net. Ramona Ray Sutphin

I am working as a library associate in Howard County Central Library. 2006 brought my first grandchild, Lucy, born on February 20. In my spare time I am reading all the best books in the library. Jean Pfefferkorn

I went into the Air Force after high school for 4 years. Returned to Annapolis and went to work for Verizon where I stayed for 31 years until I retired from them a few years ago. I have been Scuba Diving instructor for 15 years as well. I recently visited Roatan, Honduras which by far had the best diving conditions in the Caribbean that I have ever seen-it is beautiful! I also have been doing quite a few dives for Meglodon Shark teeth, which has proven to be very interesting. I have quite a collection of shark teeth, including ones as large as 6 inches long! I enjoy skiing, kayaking, and working out at the local Gold's Gym. I am a Grandfather of 2 boys and a girl as well. Charlie Blickenstaff

After 30 years I retired from Nationwide Enterprises, Inc. (formerly Nationwide Insurance Co.). Presently I'm employed at Anne Arundel Community Action Partnership for 10 years. Now just waiting to retire again in 4 years. Stephanie Jones

I retired from the World Bank in 1998. Since then, I've worked for the Historical Society of Washington, DC as both actor and administrator of a program for girls. I've worked for my brother's accounting firm since 2004. My first love is acting, something I discovered when I performed in our senior play. I worked in community theatre for many years, then turned pro. I studied acting at D.C.'s Studio Theatre and with Robert Epstein and earned my SAG and AFTRA cards working in the Baltimore/D.C. area. I had a speaking part on the TV show Homicide. I had my fifteen minutes of fame when Chris Rock pulled me out of the crowd to sing and dance to Nelly 's "It's Getting Hot in Here" in his movie, Head of State. My adventures in acting led me to study the Alexander Technique, which I am now certified to teach. Lynn DeVan


The play that I co-created, Amelia's Journey, the Creation of a Reluctant Celebrity, has been performed 20 times (in 2004-2005). I've been approached by the Londontowne Symphony Orchestra about a symphonic version in 2007. In addition to writing or co-writing all the songs in Amelia 's Journey, I also wrote or co-wrote all the songs on the Hard Broccoli Cinderblock & Board Days CD. I am an attorney practicing in Annapolis. Fay Myers Butcher & I have been dating for two years. Doug Schenker

Life is good, I am alive and enjoying life. I just finished building a house in Annapolis with my fiancé Richard Miller (AHS '64). I have two grown children. My daughter, Cyd (Cynthia) is living and working in Baltimore. My son Mike (Michael) married Megan last year and lives nearby in Annapolis. I have been selling real estate for over 23 years and it is still gratifying. I am also a licensed real estate appraiser. Things are hectic but enjoyable. Richard and I relish the moments when we can travel to far away places. Good to see everyone, I always like chatting and visiting with fellow classmates. Betty Wong Jans

I still love running Gagnon Engineering and teaching engineering at the University of Maryland too much to even think about retirement. Since the last reunion, I was inducted as a Fellow of my engineering society, which was a great honor. The four engineering textbooks I've written have done well, and I am beginning to prepare them for second editions (one has a completion date of this month!) My two engineering history books are complete, and I will be starting another this fall. Martha and I live in Woodbine, Maryland, which is in far western Howard County, located very close to our daughter Rebecca, who has blessed us with four grandchildren. We built a summer home on Sunset Island this year, and spend most of our summers there. I always enjoy speaking with AHS alumni, so feel free to contact me at robtgagnon@aol.com Robert M. Gagnon

I live in Annapolis with my husband Steve, in the house my parents built in 1952. In 2004, I opened my own business, Chesapeake Estate Services, to help people settle estates and seniors who are downsizing. We have two sons. Joshua, a photographer at The Capital, and his wife gave us our first grandchild in May. Our other son Andy lives in Portland, Oregon. I welcome everyone back to Annapolis. Don't we all look great! Debbie Rosen McKerrow

I am fortunate to have been born, raised and still live in Annapolis. My husband, Roy, and I live in St. Margaret's and have been married 38 years. We have three wonderful children Steve 37, Jennifer 35 and we are very happy to have another son, our son-in-law Shane 36. We are both retired and enjoy traveling, our home and our condo on the beach in Ocean City. I am looking forward to see our classmates. Have a wonderful time. Vicki Jones Robertson

I live in Annapolis. I'm painting houses. Also, doing artwork and still pursuing my artistic dream. I'm divorced and have a nice girlfriend. I have four kids (ages 23, 21, 19). Later this year I will be grandfather for the first time. Eric Roberge

After graduation I married and moved to Germany. In 1968 my daughter Tania was born. She is a nurse and has an eleven year old son Brandon. We returned to Maryland where I worked for the Board of Education and Nationwide Insurance. I opened the first Hechinger's in Annapolis as a Manager. In 1977 I remarried. In 1979 my son Michael was born. He is a carpenter and has a son Kohen who is one year old. I went into a Carpenter's Union where I did trade shows and conventions. Some highlights include the Inaugurations, the President's speeches, Army-Navy shows, The Annapolis Boat Show, among others. I am single living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I enjoy my children and my grandchildren. I love being on the water, car shows, dancing, doing crafts and my favorite, working on the Reunion Committee and finding all of you. It is a great joy finding the classmates, especially ones we've looked for since high school. I look forward to seeing and talking to all of you. Diane Edwards Ford Pirrone


Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. Thanks for the invitation to your 40th reunion. Unfortunately, we have prior plans for August 5 and will not be able to attend. I have fond memories of some of the members of your class as a teacher and track coach. I retired after 36 years of teaching. I enjoyed every moment of my time at AHS. In addition to teaching, I served as the athletic director for thirty years. To keep active I am still very much involved with the athletic program - helping out several days a week. Thanks again for the invitation and I am sorry that my wife and I cannot attend. Fred Stauffer (Algebra, Geometry, and track coach)

Thank you very much for the invitation. It is good to hear from you. Can you believe it has 40 years since you graduated? I guess you think of me as an old man, but you are only 6 years younger. Well, come to think of it, maybe we are both old men. Sorry about that. I will have to miss the reunion as I am in Mexico City. I now live here full time as a missionary with the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches. I never dreamed that I would one day be living in a Spanish speaking environment and doing what I had always wanted to do. I enjoyed teaching very much up to the last year or two. More the system than the students. As you know teachers can retire with full retirement at the age of 52. That was my option. That way I could do more than come to Mexico every Summer, as I had been doing for 24 years. It would be good to get news from you and your classmates especially those who took Spanish. Thanks and let me hear from you. Denver Murray (Spanish)

Ron Wolfe regrets having a scheduling conflict and not being able to attend our reunion, but remembers the class of 1966, both students and players, with great fondness. Ron Wolfe (Industrial arts, engineering design, and lacrosse coach)

My computer has been down and I only now was able to read your message. I'm sure it's too late for your booklet -- but if not, just say: I wish the Class of 1966 continued success, health and happiness. I appreciate your remembering me. Eva (Asher) Purdy